Apply for A Visual Arts Scholarship Award

Requirements Vary According to Scholarship:

  • 24 Credits Completed by end of this semester (spring 2013)
  • Enrollment will be full-time (12 credits min) next two semesters
  • Some awards require a GPA of 2.5 or 3.0 and higher (ask your professor)

Submit a portfolio of 10 Pieces of Artwork by March 27th to Patti Richards in ET 106 during normal business hours.  Include a statement about your future plans.

Scholarship amounts vary from a hundred dollars to a thousand dollars for the school year as long as you are enrolled full time.

Instructions for Application:

  • Click HERE to access STARS system mscholarship
  • Setup your account
  • Complete all of the questions and click Save & Continuemschol01
  • Fill out all three free form essay questions (click image on right for more info) 
  • You do not need to upload documents here, you can include a statement about your future plans inside your portfolio
  • When you have completed registration you should see a list of qualifying scholarships applications (check with your professor for eligible scholarships)
  • Contact your professor to let them know you are applying for scholarship

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